michael grove, phd

(212) 860-3800
211 East 43rd St
New York, NY 10017

As a parent myself, I know the fears, anguish, and confusion you can have dealing with your child’s or adolescent’s struggles.

If you are in a less than satisfying relationship, I can help you understand and effectively communicate your needs in a way your partner can respond to you.

If you have an addictive problem, I can help you motivate yourself to overcome it. I provide a safe, comfortable, nonjudgmental place to heard.

We will use intense problem solving methods to get the most rapid relief we can. We focus on your goals, not someone else’s.

Are you searching for help with a problem or two from someone you feel comfortable talking to and trust?

I look forward to meeting so you can see how I can be of real help. I have been honored to have helped clients for over four decades in my private office.

I have taught at 5 colleges and trained and supervised many psychotherapists; have been quoted in a national publication on relationships; have published research in professional journals and presented at professional meetings; have worked in residential treatment centers for adolescents, for developmentally disabled and for substance abusers; helped career searches.

Provided expert testimony in Family Court as an expert in child psychotherapy and child-parent therapy.